Get Your Home's Walkability Score

A popular Web-based application called "Walk Score" will tell you how your current Toronto home, or proposed new home or condo, stacks up in terms of "walkability" to schools, transit, shops, restaurants, etc.  The higher the score, the more "walkable" your location is.

Walk Score has deemed Toronto the second-most walkable city in Canada, after Vancouver.  Cities were broken up into blocks and given scores of 100 based on citizens' proximity to various amenities.

The Annex was one of Toronto's top neighbourhoods for trekking, with a score of 94.  In total, 15 neighbourhoods in Toronto scored over 90, with the Bay Street corridor being the highest at 99.

Health researchers have shown a correlation between those who live in highly walkable areas with physiclal health.  If you want to see how your location stacks up on the walkability scale, simply click here to go to Walk Score.


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